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hi my name is eden and i don't really know what i'm doing honestly


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school starts tomorrow and im so sad
im gonna miss summer so much. like i spent my entire summer doing absolutely nothing besides smoking sleeping and eating but it was awesome. i know it was completely unproductive and kinda unhealthy but honestly i was in such a good mood all the time and i had like no worries and no problems i woke up at noon and smoked til i went to sleep and it was fantastic
thinking about having to focus on schoolwork and learning n shit is making me so sad and im listening to my summer playlist i would listen to while i smoked and drove and it’s wonderful reliving the nothingness I spent my summer doing
this is so sad and im gonna miss summer so much : (


our new friend little memow who follows us up the hill


yo the more i try and act like not having anyone doesn’t bother me, the more it fuckin bothers me




The sky does some seriously beautiful things sometimes.

I live for pretty skies.

omg i love so much